Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obama is the Worst President EVAH!

Today, some puddle of garbage came sliding across my Facebook feed.  It was from (get this) "RIGHT WING NEWS."

Oh, yeah, there's a source you can trust.  

It was being forwarded by one of the stupider people on my list.  She's got a kind soul and an empty head. The phrase "bless her heart" leaps to mind whenever she posts anything political.

Today, it was this:

It was all I could do to resist going point-by-point.  I DID resist, because people like this aren't looking for information, they're looking for inflammation.  Specifically, inflammation that allows them to continue hating the black guy. 

Yes, that is what it boils down to.  If that's not YOUR problem with him, understand that you're being manipulated and lied to by groups who DO feel that way. 


Move mostly set up.  Got the utilities arranged, the truck reserved, and (hopefully) the ID and car registration handled so we can get our parking decals.  We're cutting it super-close on that one.  Cross your fingers. Because if the licenses and registration doesn't show up in time, the HOA will have our car towed.

Moving used to be easier.


Found this, thought it was interesting:


  1. They have to have some sort of temporary permit. Or if they don't perhaps you will have to park mile away and walk in. Anything can be dealt with. Think postitively for a change. Look at it as an exercise opportunity. Do you or your husband have a bike? Drop everyone off , park remotly, and bike in. If you get towed it will be your own choice to take the risk.

  2. Hey, I appreciate your offering suggestions. I think positively a lot of the time, which is why I keep trying--I always expect things to turn out okay, even if I'm scared to death they won't. As for the "parking a mile away," not possible--this is an area thick with HOAs and high-density housing--even to park a mile away on the side of the road, we have to have "visitor passes," which must be obtained well in advance and we are only permitted a certain number of "visitor parking nights" per year. Seriously. There is no such thing as "open, on the street parking" in this area--every last spot is either visitor parking (permit required) or resident parking (decal required). Or limited one-two hour parking in front of businesses. The commuter lot is the closest, and I'm not sure about their overnight policy. I AM sure that my husband can't walk five miles every morning and another five every night on top of his 3+ hour a day commute. "Exercise opportunity?" Yikes.

    And no, we don't own bikes.

    I put a lot of thought into things, and I pride myself on my ability to look at things from a number of angles in search of solutions. The solution here is "get the decal in time." And for that to happen, we need for the state to get our new IDs and new registration to us in time.

    Sorry if I sound snippy. It almost seemed like you were saying we hadn't really put any thought into this. If the answer was something as simple as "park a mile away and walk in," we'd have already determined to do that. Give us a little credit.